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Dr. Ang Chen Awarded $1.2 Million NIH Grant to Develop Curriculum on Energy-Balanced Lifestyles

Ang ChenCongratulations to Ang Chen and his team of co-investigators who have been awarded a $1.2 Million Dollar NIH grant for their collaborative research on The Science of Essential Balance (SEB).  In addition to Dr. Chen, this all start team includes KIN’s own Chris RheaAllan Goldfarb, Judy Fowler, Michael Hemphill, and Nutrition’s, Lauren Haldeman.

This project is aimed to develop and field-test the efficacy of a curriculum targeting both nutrition and exercise from a science behavior integrated approach. Dr. Chen and his team plan to implement this curriculum in five school districts and in 24 high schools across the Piedmont area. This integrated curricular approach will use physical activity and participation in moderate-vigorous exercise to learn about life and health science, specifically on the core issue of energy balance.

Congratulations again to all and to the Department. $4 million dollars in grant money in less than one month, not too bad KIN!

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