Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Commencement Award Recognition

Our graduates are quite outstanding, with more than just their academics. Read below for more information on our students who won awards at the Commencement Ceremony yesterday, May 3, 2018.

Graduate Student Awards and Bios:

American Kinesiology Association Master’s Scholar

Yangyang Deng is UNCG’s 2018 American Kinesiology Association Master’s Scholar.  Yangyang has been one of the key graduate assistants in the Pedagogical Kinesiology Laboratory.  This includes her dedicated assistance in Science of Healthful Living, a large-scale project designed to plan and test a science-based physical education curriculum in middle schools.  She is recognized as a quick learner and, whether working in the lab or teaching physical activity courses, she is known for both her expertise and for being a team player.  In addition, Yangyang is a high ranking martial arts master and has volunteered her teaching expertise at several local functions.  According to her nominator for this award, Yangyang “always holds a high standard for herself and strives to achieve this standard”.

School of Health & Human Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Master’s

Sydney Boggs is the Kinesiology Department’s Master’s winner of the 2017-18 School of Health & Human Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student Award.  Sydney won this award due largely to her expertise in teaching physical activity.  A former collegiate athlete, Sydney has taught a number of undergraduate physical activity classes and is particularly renowned for her ability to teach soccer.  In addition, she was the primary graduate assistant in UNCG’s Helping Others Participate in Exercise (HOPE), a community exercise program for middle and older age adults.  Sydney’s duties in HOPE included the physical training of the participants and assisting in the supervision of undergraduate trainers.  According to her nominator, Sydney could “leverage her relationships to motivate, train, and teach our participants as they trust her and value her knowledge and experience”.

School of Health & Human Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student Award – Doctoral

Eungwang Oh is the Kinesiology Department’s Doctoral winner of the 2017-18 School of Health & Human Sciences Outstanding Graduate Student Award.  Eungwang has provided instruction for the department as both a teaching assistant and as an instructor of record.  He has worked with undergraduate and graduate students in both face-to-face and online settings.  As a student himself, he has been described as a “calm and insightful participant”.  In considering candidates for this award, Eungwang stood out for his service as the graduate assistant in the Kinesiology Department’s new online Doctor of Education program.  According to the program’s director, his contributions in this role were immeasurable.  He was an integral part of almost every aspect of the program, serving as the primary support staff person throughout the academic year, and assisting with the planning and hosting of the various visits to campus made by the students.  “He did this all with a smile, and his kindness and effectiveness was noted by others around campus who interacted with him throughout the planning process.”  “He is just a special person that really makes a difference in the lives of others.”

Mary Channing Coleman Scholarship – Master’s

Warren Bryan is the Master’s winner of the 2017-18 Mary Channing Coleman Scholarship.  While a member of UNCG’s varsity tennis team throughout his undergraduate and first year of his graduate studies, and while serving as a volunteer assistant coach during the following year, Warren managed to maintain a 4.0 grade point average.  But tennis is only one area where he served UNCG.  As the first-ever Graduate Assistant for Communication in the Division of Enrollment Management, Warren coordinated the social media presence for the Division, creating a “go-to” source for potential students.  In addition, as an intern in UNCG’s Athletic Department, Warren conceived and created the Spartan Cup, a point system designed to motivate student athletes to become more engaged in campus activities beyond athletics.  Warren’s insightful and collaborative reputation resulted in his service on the Athletic Department’s Rebranding and Strategic Plan committees and in his being named the 2017 Spartan of the Year.  Within the Kinesiology Department, Warren was an active participant in the Sport and Exercise Psychology area, including volunteer work in mental skills training in summer soccer camps.  As one faculty member said, “Warren is an exceptional student academically, an engaged citizen in departmental activities, and a wonderful representative of UNCG.”

Mary Channing Coleman Scholarship – Doctoral

Brian Cone is the Doctoral winner of the 2017-18 Mary Channing Coleman Scholarship.  As one of the key graduate researchers in the Kinesiology Department’s Virtual Environment for Assessment and Rehabilitation (VEAR) Laboratory, Brian has investigated walking patterns and their relationship to fall risk and prevention, which culminated in his second-place finish in UNCG’s Three Minute Thesis competition.  He has also shared his expertise in motor control with undergraduate students through teaching courses and through mentoring undergraduate research assistants in the VEAR Lab.  Beyond his research and teaching, Brian has served as an exemplary citizen within and outside of UNCG.  As president of UNCG’s Student Government Association, Brian led the charge of updating the Association’s constitution to bring it in line with current UNCG policies.  He is also the founding president of the UNCG Science Advocacy and Policy Society.  Brian’s commitment to advocacy and policy extends beyond UNCG, as he also participated in the Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering Program in Washington, DC, engaging with congressional representatives to advocate for steady and sustainable scientific funding.  He also participated as a Fellow in the North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership.  According to his nominator for the Coleman Scholarship, Brian is “representing UNCG in a positive manner by taking his scientific training and translating it into advocacy and policy efforts within the federal government.”

Undergraduate Student Awards and Bios:

School of Health & Human Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

Jason Moody is the Kinesiology Department’s winner of the 2017-18 School of Health & Human Sciences Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award.  Jason won this award his outstanding dedication to the Kinesiology department. His involvement with the Kinesiology Club was a major reason the faculty felt he was perfect for this award. In addition, Jason’s involvement in multiple research programs within KIN and his overall  academic success were highlights in his resume. According to his nominator, Jason has never missed an opportunity to “step up” to help Kinesiology.

Mary Channing Coleman Scholarship – Undergraduate

Ashley Sanchez is the undergraduate winner of the 2017-18 Mary Channing Coleman Scholarship.  Ashley has been a fantastic representative of Kinesiology and UNCG. Ashley has been a volunteer undergraduate research assistant in the Virtual Environment for Assessment and Rehabilitation Laboratory (VEAR Lab). Ashley’s task since joining the lab has been to assist in a project where participants step over obstacles presented in virtual reality while walking on a treadmill, providing a safe, yet visually challenging task that is designed to decrease fall-risk.  For this work, Ashley was awarded the UNCG Undergraduate Research and Creativity Award for her project titled “Integrating virtual reality into walking rehabilitation”. In addition to volunteering as an undergraduate research assistant, Ashley has provided significant service to UNCG by serving as a Staff Leader with the Spartan Orientation Program and volunteering as a Kinesiology (KIN) Club member for the Triple Lakes Trail Race and other KIN Club events. Furthermore, she has served as a Summer Camp Counselor at Camp Carefree, which is a special needs camps in Stokesdale, NC.

The Ellen Griffin “Spirit” Award – Undergraduate

Chris Pishev is the winner of the Griffin “Spirit” award for 2017-18. Chris has distinguished himself within the Kinesiology Department through his academic aptitude and service contributions. Chris has excelled academically throughout his time at UNCG, consistently earning Dean’s list honors and graduating Magna cum laude with great honor. In the summer and fall of 2017, Chris volunteered with the Helping Others Participate in Exercise (HOPE) program. His role was to individually train middle and older aged adults in the Kaplan Center, focusing on muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, and mobility. Chris was highly regarded by the participants for his knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as his ability to apply principles of physical fitness on an individual basis.