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Two PE Teachers Score Long Awaited Career Goals

Dave and Teri Standing together at a conferenceFor two PE teachers, getting their doctorate this summer will fulfill long-awaited career goals.

Earning a doctorate is something Teri Schlosser has always wanted. The Rockingham County, N.C., lead elementary PE teacher says the online format is making it happen.

“I was getting better as a teacher every semester, and I felt like I was able to apply the information I was learning in class right to my students, including motivation, getting them excited, and having them value physical education,” says Schlosser.

Dave Jones, a PE teacher in Wake County, N.C., has wanted this degree for 10 years.

“Without this program, the only one in the country of this nature, I would probably not have taken this next step in my professional career,” he says. Dave has already helped institute a school-wide policy change  to increase students’ physical activity in high-poverty schools to help them become more fit and potentially raise their academic performance as a result.  

Teaching during the day and working as a personal trainer most evenings, he has relied on friends in his cohort for feedback and support. Through shared documents, video chatting, and texting, students complete group projects and form unique friendships.

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