Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

A.H.A. Says Yes to Collaboration

March 27, 2018

The American Hebrew Academy (AHA) is the only international Jewish college prep boarding school in the world. Some senior students at AHA are enrolled in a year long internship course in which they collaborate with UNCG faculty on a science based research topic. This collaboration not only prepares students for the coming college experience, it also gives them the opportunity to perform an in depth research project on something they’ve been considering to pursue.

Julianne Schneider decided to do her research project under the supervision of the Department of Kinesiology’s  graduate students Chanel Lojacono and Jason Jakiela. Schneider utilized Kinesiology’s Applied Neuromechanics Laboratory where she learned various technical skills including the use of the lab’s motion capture system. After learning the equipment, Schneider is now quickly adapting to the pace of the lab, and starting her own research on obstacle crossing success due to trail limb elevation. One interesting aspect of the lab is a very special treadmill with an attached harness so that the research participants wouldn’t trip during her study. Her findings? “Participants should do a practice run before they perform the study so it doesn’t scare them, thus skewing the data.”

Julianna presented a poster of her research and findings, and states she enjoys research thoroughly and looks forward to doing more.

A special thank you to Dr. Tammy Williams, Academic Dean at AHA, and Dr. Scott Ross, Department Chair.