Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Undergraduate Michael Kress Awarded the 2018 Student Excellence Award

Michael Kress, Kinesiology Undergraduate student, has quite a name among the faculty and staff in the Department of Kinesiology. From a Kinesiology Honor Marshal to an exemplary academic student, Kress is simply outstanding. It’s no question of why he was awarded the 2018 Student Excellence Award.

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When asked “what does receiving this Student Excellence Award mean to you?” he explains “Receiving this award means a great deal. I work very hard to be an excellent student and receiving this award shows me that the faculty in the Kinesiology Department not only notice it, but they care about their students enough to nominate me. I am proud of this accomplishment but even more proud to know that I attend a university and belong to a department where they truly care about a student’s education as much as the student does.”

Congratulations, Michael!