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Quality Matters for EdD in KIN Student Amanda Durall

EdD In KIN Amanda Durral's HeadshotCongratulations to current EdD in KIN Online Student, Amanda Durall, who recently received the Quality Matters Certification! Amanda, lecturer at The University of Tennessee Chattanooga, learned about QM during the Summer 17 semester, as part of her Practicum course in the EdD program. Quality Matters is a non-profit, quality assurance process that aims to improve the structure and accessibility of online learning through external peer review.

After learning about QM Amanda enrolled in a Quality Matters (QM) training cohort through her institution. As taking three separate, two-week training courses to learn more about the QM process and how she could apply the QM principles to the online courses that she teaches. Courses have to be aligned to QM standards in order to meet the requirements for certification.

“My institution set a goal for all online and hybrid courses to be QM approved by the end of 2018 and I wanted to get a head start while the training was fresh on my mind.”

“One of the greatest benefits in improving my course was the integration of Google Drive to easily update and deliver my course content. Prior to the EdD program, I had not used Google Drive; however, this has been a game changer in keeping my teaching content organized. I began making revisions to my course this Summer and the process continued through the Fall. Taking Dr. Hemphill’s Curriculum Development course at the same time I was aligning the content in my QM course was also beneficial. Even though my course is online, I was able to integrate my teaching style into the course delivery, while structuring the content in a way that fostered student learning. I received the email this week that my course, Worksite Health Promotion, achieved its Quality Matters Certification! I am thankful that the EdD program truly helps us put knowledge into practice.”