Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Ashley Sanchez: One Student, Multiple Awards!

Congratulations (again!) to Ashley Sanchez for being selected for the School of HHS Marjory W. Johnson Pre-Physical Therapy Research Program Award. Winning her second award for the 2017-2018 academic year, Ashley will begin her research in “Examining the Role of Feedback on Virtual Reality Obstacle Crossing” in Spring 2018. The purpose of this award is to¬†support undergraduate research that advances our knowledge of prevention, evaluation and treatment of movement related injury and disease.

So who is Marjory W. Johnson?¬†Marjory W. Johnson received a B.S. in Physical Education from Woman’s College in 1943. She earned a Certificate in Physical Therapy from Walter Reed Army Medical Hospital in 1944. She was as Lieutenant in the Army Medical Corps between 1944-46; she served as a polio physical therapist at the Moore County NC Hospital in Pinehurst, NC in 1946. She was Chief of Physical Therapy at the Rochester Rehabilitation Center, Rochester, NY, between 1948-1961. She served as a faculty member in the Division of Physical Therapy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from 1961 until her retirement in 1985.

Good luck in your research, Ashley. Keep up the good work!