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EdD in KIN Student, Hannah Wofford, Hosts The North Carolina Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Association (NCCRA) Piedmont Meeting

Head shot of Hannah Wofford

On October 26th, 2017, Hannah Wofford, a member of the EdD in Kinesiology (EdD in KIN) program hosted the North Carolina Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Association (NCCRA) Piedmont Meeting. Hannah works as a clinical exercise physiologist and began the EdD in KIN program in Fall of 2017. She was elected as Vice President of the Piedmont Region for NCCRA in March and her first leading role was organizing the annual meeting which was hosted at Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center in Charlotte, NC. Attendees included exercise physiologists, nurses, dieticians and respiratory therapists working in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Several students and faculty from local universities were also in attendance.

We asked Hannah about the process of planning a successful meeting and she had this to say… ”Hosting a professional meeting has been an educational undertaking for me. I am very proud that I could create an environment that fostered collaboration and professional growth within my field. One of my objectives in enrolling in the EdD in KIN program was to expand my opportunities to advocate for cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. The support I receive from my cohort and faculty during this process has been so encouraging.”

The guest lecturers for the day represented different professional disciplines that work in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation setting from across the state. The first speaker of the day was Dr. Jeff Soukup, an exercise physiologist from New Hanover Regional Medical Center. His presentation was titled “The Challenge of Keeping the Science in the Exercise: A Cardiac Rehab Perspective”.

He focused on exercise testing methodologies and their importance when physiologists prescribe exercise parameters. The second speaker was Ms. Connie Paladenech, a respiratory therapist from Wake Forest Baptist Health. Her talk was “Lung Function: Basics of Diagnosis of Obstructive, Restrictive and Mixed Defects”. Sometimes working in healthcare, it can feel like trying to hit a moving target. Ms. Paladenech’s talk reviewed the recently updated guidelines for lung disease classification and provided personal examples of things she has learned while aiming for the target. Following lunch and networking, the final presentation was given by Michelle Ray, a dietician from Novant Health’s Heart & Vascular Institute. Her presentation was “Nutrition for Rehab Patients”. She geared her instruction to the all professionals in rehab who encourage and support the patient lifestyle modification process. The meeting also included updates from the national American Association for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Association meeting by NCCRA president, Mike Dunlap and local happenings from NCCRA membership committee chair, Taylor Stroud. The lectures are available on the NCCRA webpage (link below).

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