Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

EdD Student Craig Parkes Presents at #PhysEdSummit 2017

Photo of Craig Parkes with fellow cohort member
Craig Parkes with fellow EdD physical education students Teri Schlosser, Jeff Akers, and Dave Jones.

Congratulations to our very own Craig Parkes who presented at #PhysEdSummit 2017, a free online conference put on by Health and PE professionals.  In attendance, Judy LoBianco, president-elect of SHAPE America.  Craig presented on Occupational Socialization of Physical Educators, his current dissertation topic.  During the online summit Judy even provided words of encouragement to all PE professionals.

“For those PE teachers listening to this session and in a situation where you are in an environment where you feel defeated….do not give up… are not a statistic, you are a champion. Focus on your kids and the kids in those teacher’s classes that are not doing the right thing. Fight for them. Have the courage.”

To access the full presentation and online discussion please click on the following link