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Faculty Profile: Dr. Pam Brown

Pam Brown

The Department of Kinesiology loves to recognize our outstanding faculty members. Read more on Dr. Pam Kocher Brown, and all she has done for UNCG!

In recognition for her excellence in teaching, Pam Kocher Brown, received two teaching awards this spring. She received the University Teaching Excellence Anna Marie Gove Award for 2017-2018 for facilitating student learning through innovative and creative teaching methods, as well as, supporting the academic and professional growth of students through mentoring and serving as a leader in education. Pam also received the School of Health and Human Sciences (HHS) Jerry and Joan Morrison Tolley Gail Hennis Graduate 2018 Teaching Award. Awardees are nominated by students for these awards, the student who nominated her said “Dr. Brown is the program director, and has put in copious amounts of time and energy to make this program successful…She has been supportive and extremely knowledgeable along the way (4 years now), and is the reason that many students’ dreams of earning a doctorate are coming true.” Pam is the program director for the Ed.D. in Kinesiology. The first graduating class of students were on campus for the Kinesiology departmental graduation in May and were recognized as the first graduates of the program since the doctoral program transitioned online in 2014. Pam noted that how exciting it was to celebrate the student’s accomplishments – “it was like watching my own children achieve their goals.”

Pam has been at UNCG since 2000, first as a graduate student and now as an Academic Professional Professor. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with licensure and a minor in Biology from the State University of New York College at Cortland, her Masters of Art in Exercise and Sport Science with a focus on Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and her Doctor of Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She served as the aquatics director at UNC Chapel Hill, and as the women’s soccer and tennis coach, senior women’s administrator and faculty member at Chowan College, before returning to school at UNCG. She has been on the UNCG faculty since 2003 and has taught a wide variety of classes including activities classes and several in the KIN core, and she served as the coordinator for the physical education and health teacher education program for 7 years. She is active in service both at the university and professionally. She is married and has three children who are all active in sports.

When asked about what she enjoys about being a part of the UNCG KIN department, she replied “the people.” She said “I really enjoy coming to work each day because I enjoy the people I work with and the students I teach. I really appreciate that everyone cares about each other – personally and professionally.”

What do you enjoy about being part of the UNCG KIN department?

I feel like through my role as the director [in the online EdD in Kinesiology program] I have been given a chance to really make a difference in the world by helping my students’ achieve their goals. Our EdD in KIN program is designed for individuals who are working so that they can immediately apply what they are learning into their daily lives – students regularly comment about how they have used a lesson or assignment they created for class in their actual workplace. A key element of the dissertations is that they are applied – we want the students to make a difference in their professional lives and potentially the lives of others with their work, so we strive for this in all they do.

What are some fun experiences you have had in your professional journey?

Some of the most enjoyable experiences at UNCG have been with colleagues when we have attended professional conferences. Each year I look forward to attending the conferences with my colleagues, who are also my friends. We get to learn a lot at the actual conferences but also have some fun in new cities and states – we always find ways to laugh and enjoy ourselves.

In what ways have you been able to impact students in a completely online world?

You would be surprised about the sense of community you can build in an online program. That is probably what people (faculty and students) are most skeptical about until they have a chance to be a part of the program. Our students talk (email, text, Google hangout, phone) with each other regularly to talk about their families as well as their academics. I often find that I know more about my online students than face-to-face because they are able to “talk” with me at times that fit versus having to run off to the next class or get to work. Ask the students and many will tell you they have made lifelong friends through the program. UNCG and especially the EdD in KIN program is really a family.

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