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The Masters of Science in Athletic Training students pose for their official picture as second years in the program. Dr. William Adams, Associate Program Director, and Dr. Aaron Terranova, Clinical Education Coordinator oversee to get the optimal photo. Their course work and rotations began at the beginning of August, where they gain hands on experience […]

The UNCG KIN department is glad to recognize a new member of its close-knit community, William Adams, the new Assistant Professor and Associate Director of the Masters of Science in Athletic Training program. Adams holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, Master’s degree from The University of Connecticut and a Ph.D. from The […]

It has now become a tradition, every June around 20 students from across the country leave their families and jobs to embark on a giant step in their lives. This pursuit to obtain higher education in the midst of career and family is a brave one and UNCG faculty and staff are committed to their […]

Graduate Students are on campus gearing up for the Fall semester beginning Tuesday August 15, 2017. Orientation is well underway; prepping students for course work, teaching, research, and much more. The Department of Kinesiology and UNCG welcome all of our new students! We look forward to the outstanding teaching, proficient scholarship, and incredible service these […]

The Department of Kinesiology is proud to highlight Dr. Erin Reifsteck, one of its many esteemed alumni who have invested their knowledge and skills gained at UNCG to work professionally. As an alum of both the Master’s  as well as the Doctoral program, Reifsteck brings an especially strong perspective to her work through teaching, mentoring, and […]