Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

EdD in KIN student Teresa Martilik and her students participated in National Special Olympics Unified Conference

EdD in KIN student Teresa Martilik, a member of the 2015 EdD in Kinesiology cohort presented with her teacher colleague, Megan Smith and her students, Daniel Morel and Zachary Lineberry at the National Special Olympics Unified Conference. This conference targeted Special Olympic staff and educators and focused on inclusive fitness programs for individuals with disabilities.

Teresa shared her concern, stating that students with disabilities are not as actively engaged as their peers. Teresa and Megan developed the Fitness Mentorship program at Central High School, that allows students enrolled in Sports Medicine and students enrolled in Special Education to work together to encourage an active and healthy life for students with disabilities.

Students shared their own experience about the Fitness Mentorship class and how they found it  beneficial to their health. During the conference, students were connected to other peers and teachers about the mentoring classes and their goal to develop inclusive programs for students with disabilities.

Congratulations to Teresa and her group for their innovative idea!!!

To learn more about her story, click the following link: Central HS Students and Teachers Present at National Special Olympics Unified Conference