Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

EdD students got together at ATEC 2017

Athletic Training (AT) professionals, educators, and researchers from all over the country gathered in Dallas, TX from February 17-19 for the 2017 Athletic Training Educator’s Conference (ATEC). This conference offers educators a chance to network and present the research focused on the teaching and learning of AT students and professionals. Several EdD and PhD students from UNCG including Jennifer Hogg, David Wilkenfeld, Nicole Yard, Andi Bender and Chris Crawford joined Dr. Aaron Terranova, Clinical Education Coordinator in the MSAT program at UNCG, for dinner and good times.  

Andi Bender shared her thoughts about the experience.  “We went out to dinner as a group and immediately bonded over Texas BBQ and the love of Athletic Training! Dr. Terranova is so approachable that students felt comfortable asking questions about the program.” This informal get together allowed students from different cohorts to talk about dissertation ideas and how things change over the years. Andi went on to say that “We shared some helpful study tips about how to approach different courses such as the summer courses since the time is more compact.” This conference allowed students to meet outside of the classroom, and Andi noted that she  “walked away from our dinner feeling more connected to my classmates in the EdD program and having more contacts for support in this process.