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Previous EdD in KIN graduate assistant, Kym shares her experience

We caught up with Dr. Kym Fasczewski, our former graduate assistant for the EdD in KIN online and current assistant professor at Appalachian State University (ASU). She shared her overall experience about her previous work as a graduate assistant, and how it helped her grow professionally and how this experience supports her current work at ASU.

“I loved being a graduate assistant for the EdD in KIN online program. Not only did I learn many valuable skills, I also got to work with Dr. Brown, the rest of the EdD faculty and incredible students,” explained Kym. She commented that her position with the program allowed her to understand course development, program development, and university administration much better than she would have otherwise. In her assistantship role, Kym was actively involved in program development, which she described as an incredible experience. Given that the EdD program was the first online program of its kind in the country, there was a lot for her to learn while making many contributions to the success of the program. In this respect, the EdD position was demanding and varied daily, but was very rewarding.

Kym said that she felt fortunate enough to work with a number of different entities on campus in addition to the Department of Kinesiology, from the Library to the DOL (Division of Online Learning) to the Graduate School. Kym mentioned this allowed her to be a more competitive and well-informed candidate in the job market. She was able to gain experience with online course development, online education, and program development in addition to her research and teaching. She became an expert in recording videos (Dr. Brown and she used to joke “Videographer” would be her “fall back” career – now she feels thankful that she has not had to use it since coming to ASU). Kym knew what she wanted from a position and she knew how departments approached hiring after her involvement in EdD meetings about hiring our new faculty.

Kym and her colleagues are currently working on a website redesign in the Exercise Science Department at Appalachian State University. She explained the knowledge she gained from the EdD website has been so helpful. Kym also felt that her involvement in course development while working with the EdD program has made her a better teacher and has helped her to design better courses, including the incorporation of technology into her classes.

“I love my job here at ASU and I love living in Boone. Mountains are beautiful” said Kym. She said she can’t think of a better setting for her professional career. She is developing a number of Sport and Exercise Psychology classes to add to the curriculum. She has started up the Human Behavior in Physical Activity Lab at ASU. Along with continuing her own research she has a number of student projects being developed. She is making a positive impact there at ASU from what she has developed as a graduate assistant in the EdD program.

She misses all the students and faculty, and enjoys seeing updates on Facebook. We miss Kym, but wish her the best at ASU.