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EdD student Chris Crawford participated in the Paralympics in Rio, Brazil

IMG_0420One of our EdD in Kinesiology students experienced the Paralympics in Rio as as an athletic trainer for the US Swimming team. Chris Crawford, a member of the 2016 cohort, was responsible for the various athletic needs of the of 33 athletes on the US Paralympic Swimming team.

Chris described his most memorable moment of the Games as his participation in the Opening Ceremonies. He recalled the moment he walked through the tunnel into the stadium as incredible. The athletes started to softly chant, “USA, USA”. As the US Paralympic swimming athletes and staff got closer and closer to the stadium, the chant got louder and louder! He said that ‘it was the moment that gave me chills’. He went on to say that “I will never forget that moment”. Chris escorted one of his blind athletes through everything and this experience made that night more special. He was her eyes for the event and shared the very moment with her.

For him, being able to participate in these Games was an incredible experience and one that will last a lifetime. He has been working for the US Paralympic Swimming team for the past 3 years. During that time, he has gotten to know the athletes very well. He described the US Paralympic Swimming as an incredible group of young athletes! He stated that “It was such an incredible honor that I was able to sharing this experience with them after knowing all of the hard work and the ups and downs that they have each been through”.

We look forward to hearing more about his continued dedication and service for the US Paralympic Swimming team in the future.

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