Department of Kinesiology

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Alumni Profile: Josh Porter

The UNCG KIN department is proud to highlight Josh Porter (B.S. in Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine; M.S.A.T, 2008), one of its many esteemed alumni who have invested their knowledge and skills gained at UNCG to work professionally. As an alum of both the undergraduate kinesiology program as well as the M.S.A.T. program, Porter brings an especially strong perspective. Today, Porter is the Senior Athletic Trainer for the collegiate baseball program at the University of Mississippi, as well as the softball athletic trainer and graduate assistant for men’s tennis.

What do you enjoy about your role?
I love being able to work with elite college athletes on a daily basis. I strive to implement proactive plans to keep the athletes healthy off and on the field. The greatest reward about my position is when an injury does occur, working with the athletes helps them safely return to competition.

To what degree did your education at UNCG prepare you for your career?
My education and the faculty at UNCG played a critical role in preparing me for my career. The undergraduate degree gave me the best foundation to succeed in obtaining my master’s degree and the education with the M.S.A.T program gave me the knowledge base to achieve my career goals. The faculty were more than willing to spend extra time with the students outside the classroom to make sure concepts were understood and answer any questions that came about. I truly believe it was the constant dedication from the faculty that provided me the knowledge to succeed.

Looking back, there are multiple classes that stand out in my mind. During undergraduate, Biomechanics with Dr. Schmitz stands out as a class that intrigued me and drew my interest with the human body. Within the M.S.A.T program, General Medical Conditions and Rehabilitation Techniques in Athletic Training were two classes that allowed me to have a strong knowledge base and guided me to be successful in my position.

What would you say to undergraduate students?
For undergraduate students, I would recommend they utilize the faculty at UNCG to help them decide on the proper career path. Spend time with professors outside of the classroom and absorb the wisdom they can provide you. If it had not been for them, I would not have entered in my career path.

What would you say to current M.S.A.T. students?
For current M.S.A.T students, I would recommend them to take full advantage of the preceptors and the integrative experience sites during their time. The faculty will spend the time in the classroom to give them a solid education, and the preceptors will provide them with hands on experience to build upon that and develop them into Athletic Trainers. The field of Athletic Training is growing, and new opportunities within the field are developing. Using the integrative experience sites will help them to decide what setting would be right for them to go into once they graduate.