Department of Kinesiology

School of Health and Human Sciences

Kate R. Barrett Award goes to Kym Fasczewski

Kym Fasczewski is this year’s winner of the Kate R. Barrett Student Professional Development Award. She will spend 2-3 weeks at the University of Illinois working with Dr. Rob Motl. Dr. Motl’s research focuses on the social-cognitive determinants and mental health consequences of physical activity participation with a particular focus on MS (which is the topic of Kym’s dissertation). Dr. Motl has invited Kym to join his research lab in every way imaginable including participation in journal clubs, learning how to analyze accelerometer data, learning how to assess walking and mobility measurements in persons with MS, and being trained in the clinical care of persons with MS. Additionally, Dr. Motl has invited Kym to contribute to manuscript preparation on previously collected data relevant to Kym’s research interests. We congratulate Kym on her receipt of this award and look forward to hearing about her experiences at a future colloquium seminar.

A special “Thank you” to Dr. Kate Barrett for her generous gift which makes this award possible!