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Year three off to a successful start: A Successful Orientation has the 2016 Cohort Ready to Begin Classes

It is hard to believe that we are about to begin our third academic year of the EdD in KIN Online program. In June the new fall 2016 cohort of 21 students joined us on campus for 3 days to get to know each other, meet the faculty, and develop the skills necessary to be successful on their journey through the program. Friendships and collaborations formed and the group left with the knowledge and tools necessary for a successful 4 years.

The orientation addressed important issues such as the use of technology, the challenges of balancing their education along with their current careers and family obligations, best practices and helpful hints, along with how to successfully and adequately navigate online courses. The new cohort was very satisfied with their experiences during the orientation at UNCG and excited about classes this fall. Here are some of the things they had to say:

“It was an invaluable experience! Everyone was so welcoming and nice. I really appreciated the opportunity to meet everyone face to face.”

 “This was a once in a lifetime experience in the sense that it was very unique. I’m very happy and proud to have been with this group.”

 “It was very beneficial overall and I would do it again. I think it’s necessary to meet the others in the cohort before starting to work with them.”

 “I still can’t believe how nice and sincere everyone we came in contact with was. I am so excited to start this program because I know I am well supported.”

 “Fabulous experience and every single person that presented to us or interacted with us represented UNCG and the program in a most positive way!! More importantly, I felt welcomed and comfortable and walked away feeling like assistance is available…all I need to do is ask!! Can’t imagine starting the program without the orientation experience.”

 “Great experience! Please continue to do this every year! Very helpful and eases anxiety about what is to come in August.”

We are excited to see how the incoming cohort of students accomplish will their academic and professional visions over the next 4 years in the EdD in KIN online program. We would also like to congratulate our current students (both 2014 and 2015 cohort) on their successful journey to date in the online doctoral program. We wish our best for their continued success in the upcoming year.

Applications for the fall 2017 academic year are now being accepted. Our review of applications for admissions will begin mid-January of 2017. For more information on the program, click here ( or contact us at

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