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The National Academy of Kinesiology Honors Dr. Shirl Hoffman

Dr. Shirl Hoffman, UNCG professor emeritus of Kinesiology, was awarded the Hetherington Award by the National Academy of Kinesiology (NAK). It is the highest honor bestowed by the NAK. The award is presented annually to an individual who has impacted and strengthened the field of kinesiology.

Dr. Shirl Hoffman came to UNCG as Department head in 1986 and served this position for 10 years after which time he remained as faculty until his retirement. In 1996, Dr. Hoffman was instrumental in reestablishing the Ed.D. program as a professionally-oriented doctoral program in kinesiology. The EdD program was the first doctoral degree in the Kinesiology department at UNCG but had been dormant since the shift to PhD program in 1987. He advised many of the early EdD students and taught what is now the KIN 750 Seminar until his retirement in 2006. Many of his textbooks and research articles are still used in the department today.

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